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Hi Barbara,

Yes, people do find meaningful relationships through online dating at 30 years old or more. Many do. Since you have tried online dating through the years with less than satisfactory results, it helps to take a look at what you have been doing that has remained constant.

If you have been using the same dating apps over the years, try some new ones. You don’t always have to use the most popular dating apps to try finding a match. Sometimes, a dating app that is smaller but caters to the type of match that works best for you is a better option.

It’s better to be on a smaller dating app filled with the types of matches that you are attracted to, than to be on a popular dating app that has only has a few of the types of matches that you are seeking. Though a popular dating app has more people overall, it may be lacking in the types of people that you are most attracted to.

If you have been using mostly the same photos over the years for your dating profile, take new photos and post a bunch of them to your dating profile.

You are not the same person you were a few years ago. You have had new experiences and hopefully grown as a person. Showcase that in the photos you post on your dating profile. This goes a long way in attracting the best matches to you.

Change the way you construct your bio. If you are normally really formal in how you write, be less formal. Have fun with it. Make jokes. Be self-deprecating. Ask questions. Tell short anecdotes about some unforgettable experiences that you have had. All of this makes you so much more personable and approachable.

You come off as a fun human being that a guy would want to get to know as opposed to a person who is simply going through the process of robotically writing their bio in the hopes of getting over with it soon.

Making all of these changes gives you a lot better chance of having success in online dating. You won’t have to wait very long until online dating works for you. People who follow good practices in online dating often report that they met their best match within six months of joining the dating app.

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