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Hi Oliver,

Use photos that are recent and show you involved in activities that you love. This tends to capture people’s attention. Instead of just mentioning the interests that you love, elaborate on that by showing those interests through your photos.

This is often where people connect with what you are saying, through actually getting to see these interests in photos. This type of approach to the photos that you post on your dating profile on dating apps helps tremendously in getting you matches. People connect to what you are saying and feel compelled to like your dating profile.

The algorithm on all of these dating apps, whether it be Tinder, Bumble or Hinge, love matching people based on the key words that are used in their dating profiles. This is where you benefit by having a detailed bio. The more words you use in your bio, the more words you are giving the algorithm to work with. This means that it will match you with other people that used the same key words in their bios.

Don’t get lazy with your bio. Guys tend to make this mistake. They write too little in their bios and then wonder why they aren’t getting more matches. Make your bio compelling. Fit in a good number of key words that have to do with your interests and experiences. This opens you up to getting a lot more matches.

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