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Hi Benjamin,

You should address your disability in your bio. It isn’t wise to keep this information from women until you reach a point where you believe that there is mutual interest on both parties.

You have been able to meet and date women in real life irrespective of your disability. You will be able to do the same on a dating site. Although your worry that women could simply skip your dating profile due to reading about your disability without having to experience any social awkwardness has merit, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get attention.

You mentioned that you check a lot of the other boxes in terms of what a woman would want in a good partner, use your bio to showcase those positive attributes. This is where you are able to really let your personality come through. Use your photos to showcase your personality as well.

Just as you have been able to attract women in person, giving women on a dating site the opportunity to get a really good idea of what you are like as a person and what your lifestyle is like is what will also attract them to you.

You are not online dating to attract every woman. You are there to attract the right woman for you. Most people who have a disability and have chosen to do online dating report that they have the best results when they are honest about their disability by disclosing it in their bio.

They have stated that this has boded well for them and potential matches because it prevents misplaced expectations and unexpected surprises.

You will find that as long as you write about your disability in a positive manner and spend by far the majority of your bio talking about your interests, experiences and showcasing your personality, your disability becomes a side note. Women will see that it isn’t something that rules or overshadows your life and they will be turned on by this.

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