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Hi Ethan,

A lot of this comes down to the types of messages that you are sending. If you aren’t stimulating conversation in the messages that you send, don’t expect the woman to be stimulated enough to respond to your message sooner.

You need to send the kind of messages that open up conversation in a way that makes the woman feel compelled to get back to you sooner. Oftentimes, messages like this constitute a lot more than merely saying hello or asking her about how her day is going.

You need to use information in her dating profile to stimulate conversations. Ask her open-ended questions about information that you find interesting and make her laugh by either saying something funny in relation to that information or teasing her good-naturedly about it.

You will discover that women are more likely to respond to your messages quicker when you make them laugh and show that you are truly interested in something that is specifically about them, than if you were to send generic messages about how their day is going or make use of the atypical getting-to-know-you questions that almost everyone adopts to open conversation with someone they are romantically interested in.

Using open-ended questions that are more specific to each woman’s personality and life experience, based on the information that she included in her dating profile, sets you apart from so many other guys on the dating site who are sending these women generic messages.

Give it time.

Being that she is so used to guys sending such generic messages, she may be a little hesitant to get excited over the fact that your messages so far have been uniquely different.

However, if you keep it up, you will notice that she will start responding to your messages a lot quicker than the 24-36 hour time frame that you have experienced so far on the dating site because of how good you make her feel whenever she reads your messages.

No need to ghost these girls or move on. First, try sending better messages to these girls and you just may be surprised by the result.

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