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Hi Henry,

Yes, there are a good number of guys who report getting less matches over time on a dating app that they are using. When you have had an account on a dating app for a while, say, for a year or more, you run the risk of the dating app putting you on the back burner in terms of matching you up with women.

There are so many guys who join dating apps in comparison to women on a daily basis that the dating app has to make room for the newer accounts. They want to match women with their latest male accounts. If your account has been around for a year or more, the dating app may not prioritize matching you with the newest female accounts.

They figure that you are either gaming the system in some way or you are simply not all that desirable if you have been unable to find a partner in that amount of time.

Deleting your account and starting a new one, as you tried, isn’t a remedy. Dating apps have a way of knowing who is doing this. They have to. It helps them combat the proliferation of bot accounts that are all being created from the same IP address.

A solution to your problem of getting less matches on a dating app is to do a complete overhaul of your dating profile.

Many of the males who have the same problem that you are experiencing make the mistake of maintaining the same dating profile. Here and there, they may make minor changes to it but nothing profound. You need to do the opposite of this.

Do a complete overhaul of your dating profile.

Post fresh and new dynamic photos to your dating profile. This catches the search algorithm’s attention. The algorithm loves fresh content, whether it be in photos or in what you write on your bio. Rewrite your bio and make sure that you include popular keywords that many of the women use on their bios. This is essential.

When you read the dating profiles of women that you are interested in, make sure that you are writing down the keywords that you keep seeing them use. These keywords are normally what she likes in terms of activities or refer to the experiences that she has had in life.

If those keywords relate to you, make sure that you use them in your bio. This is how the algorithm is able to find your dating profile whenever it is looking for matches. It sees that the same keyword was used on another dating profile and matches the both of you.

Do this complete overhaul to your dating profile and there is a good chance that you notice an increase in how many matches you start getting.

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