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Hi Mason,

You both found each other on a dating app. Clearly, you were both there for a reason.

If her Bumble account is still active, she is still thinking about the prospect of dating someone. Sometimes, people believe that they aren’t ready to date because they are still dealing with emotional repercussions from a previous relationship.

She may have chosen to join Bumble because she found out that it was a dating app that gave the woman a lot of control over who she chooses to talk to and the process of getting to know one another. This may have made her feel better about the prospect of getting back into the dating scene.

When she told you that she felt the same way about not being ready to date, she may have meant that she wasn’t ready to date at that moment but she was open to talking to someone and taking it slow.

Again, this may have been the reason why she joined Bumble, instead of other dating apps.

She felt that she wouldn’t have to deal with the pressure of guys constantly messaging her and asking her to meet up after having only one or two conversations with her, or no conversations at all.

Your best chance at getting her to go out with you is to reconnect with her on Bumble, but don’t ask her out right away. Just go back to having fun and engaging conversations with her like you were doing when you first met her on the dating app.

If you are willing to be patient, there is a good chance that she will warm up to you over time and be open to meeting you in person.

She needs to trust whoever it is that she decides to take a chance on dating. That person could be you, as long as you are patient and focus on earning her trust by having meaningful conversations with her over a sustained period of time before anything else.

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