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Hi Mia,

The one guy that you were able to get a response from in terms of why he lied about wanting a serious relationship in his bio gave you a reason that is espoused by many men who do this.

They do so to trap the woman into thinking that they are looking for a serious relationship in the hopes that they are able to seduce the woman into sleeping with them while dangling the possibility of getting a boyfriend out of this in their faces.

Many of these guys aren’t honest about just wanting sex because they believe that it narrows the pool of women who would want to match with them.

There is also something else that is often at play here that makes this issue all the more confounding. Although, as you stated, there are women who are also looking for sex, said women aren’t always all that honest about wanting that type of relationship either.

Many of them actually write that they are seeking a serious relationship in their bio when in fact they know that they are only looking for casual relationships at this moment in time. Although what she truly wants is to find someone to have sex with, she is still worried about coming across as a woman with loose morals. Yes, many women still worry about this, even in today’s supposedly more enlightened era.

They worry about being judged.

These guys believe that they will be able to get more of these women who are also looking for sex but aren’t mentioning that in their bios to match with them by pretending to be seeking a serious relationship as well.

If more women who are just seeking sex were more honest or forthcoming about that in their bios, many of these men may not see the need to be dishonest in their bios. Two wrongs don’t make a right. But, when it comes to this situation, both parties, men and women, could save people like you, a person who is honestly seeking a serious relationship, a lot of wasted time and effort by just being honest about what they truly want.

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