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Hi Avery,

It does feel like wasted time when there is a lack of response to your attempts to start a conversation on or any dating site for that matter, but this experience is nothing new. Others have had the same. However, you are most likely making the same mistakes.

Your messages are boring and too serious.

Yes, using information that you gather from the man’s bio is always a good idea, but you also need to make sure that your message doesn’t come across as wooden. If you are too serious with your message, it makes you come off as no fun and this easily turns men off.

Men tend to be more responsive to women on dating sites who are playful, especially in the very beginning of getting to know each other. Try sending messages that are more fun. They should address something relevant to the man’s dating profile, but in a more fun, lighthearted way.

Crack a joke or be self-deprecating.

Men need to know that you would be someone fun to talk to and the very first message that you send them often lets them know that. If you fail that test, there is a higher likelihood that they won’t respond to your message.

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