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Hi Jacob,

A few thousand followers added to the troll’s IG account adds up when the troll is leaving IG links on multiple dating apps. You don’t need a ton of followers on IG to have influence and make some money.

That is why they do it.

Of course, being a very attractive person only makes the troll’s dating profile that much more appealing to the hopeful suitor. They follow her on IG in the hopes that she takes notice of them and gives them some attention.

People do learn eventually that these trolls have no interest in a relationship. That realization soon quells whatever unrealistic expectations they might have had about the prospect of dating this very attractive troll.

Just like you, they learn through experience that there will be no romance at the other end of that IG link. Perhaps in time, enough of these men see the light and start ignoring these trolls and their IG links.

Only then will the possibility of finding less and less of these trolls on dating apps more likely.

One can only hope.

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