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Hi Asher,

Just about everyone is right for online dating as long as you have a healthy mindset and aren’t looking to find someone to save you from the monotony of your life.

No one wants to be your life.

That is overbearing and makes you come off as weak and without anything of substance to offer. You need to have your own life in the real world and look to online dating to be a means to add to your life in a positive way as opposed to a means to save your life.

Since you aren’t good at talking to women, online dating is an even better fit for you. You already have the woman’s dating profile as your guide. Use her dating profile to discover topics that you can bring up in conversation. This is so much easier than having to approach a woman in real life and having to think up a topic to talk about.

No matter how dull and boring you think you are, someone out there is going to find you interesting as they get to know you as a person. Start with learning more about her and asking her questions to that end. This is how you are able to learn more about her interests.

Once you are privy to an interest that is shared, let her in on what your experience has been with that particular interest. This is how you build a connection with her. She won’t find you boring at all when she is learning more about similar experiences that you have had.

Let the conversations flow naturally and the rest takes care of itself. But, don’t wait too long before asking her out.

As far as getting more matches, write a detailed bio and include lots of photos showing you involved in activities you love. A more detailed bio gives the algorithm of a dating site a lot more to work with in terms of finding keywords that match with what a prospective partner included in their own bio.

Lots of photos makes the algorithm happy. The algorithm likes a dating profile that has many photos because that makes your dating profile so much more attractive, not only aesthetically, but also with potential partners.

People are a lot more prone to clicking on dating profiles with a lot of photos than dating profiles with only one or two photos. A lot more photos gives them a lot more of you to see and that is always attractive to potential partners.

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