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Hi Jayden,

Online dating can be frustrating when all you are experiencing are girls who are either ghosting you or giving you poor marks for not meeting the expectation of taking them home.

However, it is easier to weed out girls like this if you take the time to get to know them first on a dating site before asking them out on a date.

Girls who are most likely to ghost will often exhibit that kind of behavior if you talk to them long enough on a dating site.

They will take longer to respond to messages, ignore questions you asked them previously, disappear from a conversation while you are still in the middle of it, etc. These are all characteristics that let’s you in on whether this is a person who will show up on a date.

Clearly, these are behaviors that indicate that they won’t.

Talking to a girl for a longer period of time before arranging a date with her also gives you the opportunity to discover whether she is the type who would expect you to take her home or if she is too needy or too independent.

Again, you learn all of this through clues that she leaves in conversation and you can’t really get these clues without taking more time to chat with her before asking her out on a date.

If you believe that you are a 7 out of 10 and want to chat with girls who are the same, you need to capture their attention by doing something different.

Yes, you are right in that there is more competition on a dating site to get women of this caliber. However, most men who message these women are too caught up giving them compliments than trying to start a conversation of substance with them.

Send a woman of this caliber a message of substance that has nothing to do with how attractive she is. Pick a topic of interest that you gathered from her dating profile and send her a fun message that addresses it.

Trying to get more information from her about something of substance that she included in her dating profile gives you a much better chance of getting a response from her, than merely sending a message full of compliments that so many men end up doing.

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