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Hi Anthony,

The secret of avoiding mental breakdowns with these dating apps is to ensure that you aren’t exclusively using them as the only way in which to find a date or a partner. These dating apps should be an addition to other ways of meeting potential dates, not the only way.

This is where guys just go into such a mental breakdown when it comes to these dating apps. They are overly dependent on them to find a date. People on dating apps can tell when a guy is desperate and its a turn off. You still need to be a well-rounded individual for any potential partner to want to meet up with you.

Use dating apps as only one way amongst multiple in which you go about meeting people and you will soon realize that this improves your overall mental attitude. You are no longer so dependent on the dating apps and this makes you come off as very self-assured and independent.

These characteristics make you so much more attractive to potential dates on dating apps. They establish an abundance mindset that keeps you from getting anywhere close to a mental breakdown.

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