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Hi Everly,

Yes, a lot of people use dating apps when they are traveling to meet up with people that can show them around a new city or town and perhaps have a fling along the way. To go about this the right way and stay safe, follow important safety protocols.

Meet him in a public place first and foremost. When you both meet, tell him that you are going to take a picture of him and his ID card to send to a friend or family member and if that is okay. If he quibbles with that or tries to keep you from doing it, just end the date right there.

Spend a good amount of time chatting and getting to know him. Watch for inconsistencies in his stories. If you notice that he has contradicted himself, that is a major red flag. Inconsistencies in what he is telling you is often a sign that he is making things up and lying.

If there are no inconsistencies and you feel good about him and decide that you would like him to show you around the city, keep the venues to only public areas. DO NOT go to isolated areas with him no matter how much he tries to convince you to do so.

Every time he is taking you somewhere, ask him for the name and location of where he is taking you. Then, enter that information in your smartphone while he is watching and send that to a friend or family member.

Also make sure that you send updates to said friend or family member of where you are exactly throughout the tour. Your smartphone’s GPS comes in handy with this. This is how you cover yourself and ensure that he is aware that you are doing so.

Always think about your safety first, no matter how thrilling and fun the prospect of being shown around an unfamiliar place with a stranger is. Use your common sense and trust your basic instincts.

If something just doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. You have all the power to cut that date short or end it if you feel uncomfortable, no matter what he says to convince you otherwise. Be always ready to exercise that option if your instincts tell you that something just doesn’t feel right.

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