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Hi Maverick,

It is a good idea to change your pictures every month. You don’t have to get a new set of 6 pictures. You could simply add a new photo or two to the bunch or take one or two off to make room for the new ones.

This is encouraged because it improves your chances of getting the algorithm of the dating site you are using to send you more matches.

An online dating profile that has pictures that haven’t been changed in 2 years runs the risk of becoming next to invisible to the algorithm and that means that you are going to receive less and less matches over time.

Sure, when you initially join a dating site, you automatically receive more matches, simply because you are new and the algorithm wants to put you in front of as many eyeballs as possible so that you are excited and continue to use the service. But this grace period is short-lived.

If you don’t keep your online dating profile pictures freshly updated, you will fall into the back of the line as more and more new members take up more of the attention.

Again, you don’t have to change every single picture each month. You can add one or two new ones. But, you do need to keep up with these changes.

Get into the habit of taking fresh pictures in your daily life.

However, even if you go through a period where you haven’t taken any new pictures and you have nothing new to upload to your dating profile, you can still go back to a picture that you have used previously and upload that.

As long as that picture is fairly recent and you haven’t gone through any major physical changes since that photo was taken, you can do this.

The idea is to keep your dating profile fresh so that the algorithm continues to send you matches.

The algorithm doesn’t really care if you have used that picture before. All that it cares about is that you are updating your dating profile with fresh pictures.

But, don’t get into the habit of going back to your older pictures and updating your dating profile with them. If you get into the habit of doing this, it won’t be long before people on the dating site catch on to what you are doing. Be in the habit of posting new pictures that you recently took.

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