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Hi Miles,

Not getting likes on your dating profile has nothing to do with your looks. Looks are subjective. One woman may not find you attractive but another does.

Thanks to the popularity of dating sites, there are many women who will get to look at your dating profile, thereby improving the chances that a certain percentage of them will find you attractive. So, the issue isn’t your looks.

The types of pics you are using are a major issue.

You need to get out there and take new pics. It is never a good idea to post pics to your dating profile that include your ex. Other women using the dating site are going to pick up on that and they won’t like it. That is the first thing you need to do.

Secondly, your dating profile needs to be fun to read. Infuse your personality into it and don’t be afraid to be self-deprecating at times. This makes you come off as more human and less robotic.

As far as conversations, to keep them going on dating sites, you should remember to have fun. If you are always about the topic at hand with no deviations, it can easily feel like she is at a job interview whenever she chats with you on the dating site.

Remember to have fun in your conversations and mix things up. As you are trying to get to know her, crack some jokes, flirt with her, tease her playfully, share some trivia that is interesting, etc.

Just mix things up so that the conversation doesn’t feel so monotonous. This keeps her excited and energized to keep the conversation going.

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