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Hi Ayden,

Zoom first dates are the current times. Yes, they can be off-putting, but you should try making an adjustment.

You are already going into each zoom date thinking that it will be bad, just as the last one was. That doesn’t help give your date a good impression about you.

They can already sense that there is something off about your body language.

Video dates are successful when you take them seriously.

Wear something nice. Have a nice background that is inviting. Make sure that the live feed is clear and that your sound is good. Put the camera at a safe distance from your face, enough that she can make out some of your physique and what you are wearing.

Add some extra energy to how you interact.

Oftentimes in a real live venue, whether it be a coffee shop, restaurant, etc., you are able to feed off the energy around you. That makes you more animated or excited as you talk to her. On a zoom date, you don’t have that advantage. You have to manufacture that energy.

Think about it like an actor on a stage would. They often have to exaggerate the acting in order to convey the mood. They do extra.

You need to be that way too.

Laugh louder. Smile wider. Show more animation.

All of these areas help make a zoom video date work.

If you just lazily go into a zoom date without much preparation because you aren’t at a real live venue and aren’t taking it as seriously, your date will feel the dullness in very short order and won’t want to pursue anything further with you.

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