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    Hello, I need advice from someone that has more experience than me in life. Me and my girlfriend are in a long distance relationship. We see each other every month/month and a half. We are soon to be 4 months together and from my perspective, things seem different. I am getting the vibe that I am needy in some ways. When we started dating she was all in and she was the initiator of interactions and other activities. I was the one cautious, but now when I am in love I go all in and it seems to me that she noticed that. We spend a lot of time texting, the whole day but lately that is not the case because she has finals this month. She does not want to call me but only sends her regards by text. She is not so lovey dovey anymore. When we are together everything seems perfect, but via text she is sometimes different. I lashed out the other day because she is having a different approach now with me because of the exams. She was visibly disturbed and started to explain herself. I was harsh so later when I cooled down I apologized. She is coming soon, so I hope that everything will be back to normal. Please give me some advice on how to handle myself in these situations and how to stop being afraid of a break up. Best regards. Stefan.

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