Anybody else feel like Tinder isn't interesting anymore?

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    I have been on and off Tinder multiple times this year and yet, each time I get back on, I am really bored and find it hard to stay interested with any guy for any particular length of time.

    The men are normally too sexual in how they talk and all they seem to want to do is go to bars, even though I made it clear that I am a non-drinker in my bio.

    I just want to meet a guy who is able to hold my interest and wants to engage in activities other than getting drunk and having sex.



    Hi Adalynn,

    Since you want to meet a guy who is looking for a lot more than drinking and having sex, it would work in your favor to try other dating apps. Tinder is used by a lot of men who are seeking casual relations.

    If you still want to stick with Tinder to find a serious relationship, try to be more thorough in the guys you choose to match with.

    Oftentimes, the guys who are only interested in drinking or having sex will give that away in some way in their bio. They have pics that only show them in clubs and bars, or their bios overly focus on frivolous topics that barely give you any insight into who they are as a person.

    Picking up on clues like this can keep you from matching with these men.

    The men who are looking for more serious relationships often write well-thought-out bios that give you good insight into their personality and their pics are normally a lot less superficial. You know, no shirtless pics and stuff like that. More so pics showing them engaged in substantive activities that they love.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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