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    Naomie Campbell
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    Hey there,

    I have been texting this guy for 7 months since the lockdown in March who has been consistent of calling me every day and showing me that he emotionally liked me.

    However would not set up a date to meet me or would flop on any dates he had planned out.

    We were supposed to meet on Thursday but he randomly switched up the times on me so we ended up arguing over whether he shoul drive to my place (I live in the countryside) or wake up early to meet me. He asked me if I was free this weekend for him to drive down but when I tried to open the message he blocked me on Snapchat and Instagram. I feel hurt because I genuinely did not expect him to do something like this since he’s been showing interest for months was the one to initiate the date.

    What should I do? Will he unblock me?

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    He Speaks to Me Like a Stranger

    Ehh who cares why? When a guy doesn’t like you, he’ll do all kinds of shit. I personally don’t think he likes you but who knows. Guys like to get mad at their own shit then take it out on us. You should just do you, he’ll be back and when he does, don’t set a date or anything because its obvious he wants to chill, not date you. DONT TAKE IT PERSONALLY GIRL. Until he proves himself, leave him in your cell phone.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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