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    Alan rice

    I’m am currently a college student who has never had any dating experience before, and I’d like your input on what to do as a next step. This pretty much all happened in this semester. I’ve asked a girl who used to be in the same class as me out to dinner about eight weeks ago, where she agreed to my definite date, time, and place. I pretty much never see her because we don’t share classes anymore this semester. Two days before the dinner she texted whether it would be easier to just meet at the dining hall. So we ended up having a one-hour conversation and that was it. I sent her a pretty typical text the day after, trying to schedule something more in the future. She actually suggested that we meet up again on a specific day but two weeks after.

    So we end up going to a restaurant on the weekend two weeks after, and I had a much better conversation this time, with no awkward pauses and pretty much lots of laughs and smiles on her side. Before we parted she said that we should do this more. There was almost no flirting going on because I’m very shy about this kind of thing, and I don’t know how she’ll take it either because she seems very introverted as well. The Monday after the dinner, she initiated contact with me (which she’s never done before) by wishing that my exam went well, as I’ve mentioned during the dinner. We had a couple of nice text exchanges, but she started taking her time to respond. Here’s where I made the mistake of not immediately asking her out again the following weekend, but realizing that I did ask her on Friday for her availability that weekend when she said she’s made plans but how about next weekend. I told her great, which day are you free, when she said how about next Friday just at the dining halls again. I took this as a sign of her saying that she wasn’t interested. I had somewhere to go that night anyway, so I told her that she seemed to be busy, so I’ll just hit her up some time in the future. So basically I’ve already decided to move on to someone else since she wasn’t interested. But here’s the puzzling part. She immediately apologized for being really busy, and asked again if next Sunday was good for me. I agreed, and I just suggested to do something simple and hang out at a food place. She said she was allergic to most of the things there, but she would be happy to come with me. I don’t know if I made the right decision here, but I simply said for her not to worry, and told her to send me a text when we both have more time to spare and we’ll do something else. She read but never responded to this text, and that was it. I know I should step back in these situations and wait for her to contact me, but it’s been a week now and we haven’t texted at all.

    What should I do now? Should I wait a bit more and contact her? Or should I just proceed as if she’s will never contact me again?

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