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    So there’s this guy at my job, we started telling each other hi since I started working there. There was a time where my friend was in front of me & I was behind her he was sitting on the stairs & when we were walking up I look up & he was already staring at me & even my friend told me she saw that his focus was on me but when that happened he had winked at me & I only smiled. Another day he was on the stairs & when I was walking up he put his foot infront of me like if he was going to trip me as playing around just to grab my attention. I just smiled. Last week was the first time we ever talked talked, & he gave me a hug a side hug since we don’t know each other well but at the end of the conversation when it got quiet he told me I looked pretty. After that the next couple days he started giving me hugs everytime he saw me & he would even try to match my height as in leaning down on me since he’s pretty tall. He always stares at me hard, there was a time I caught him staring but he looked away quickly today was different though, it was like he was looking for me because he kept staring at me really hard. I’m confused though.

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