Crazy girl I can’t get over because she reinspired me to chase my dreams in musi

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    So me and my girl started off good we started over the phone talking every night then becoming a couple she was still In college she told me she still had feelings for a guy name Lorenzo she talked to before me she even thought about going on dates with the guy as friends she also went out to eat and for drinks with another guy that pulled his penis out and crossed the line but I forgave so I visited her a few times we had sex but we would argue about situation and say things to hurt each other then she’ll be like I’m in love don’t want us to end etc but always seemed to hold on to bad I did she told me she has a crazy past from her sister and cousin molesting her and mom leaving her and dad beating her then leaving her to stay on her own at 16 to aunt lying calling police on her and hiding her acceptance letter to college so one day she tells me she is in debt and will get kicked out her apartment so I decide to let her live with me I travel all the way get truck pack up tuck and move her down she doesn’t want to have sex with me so I get mad realize I made a mistake she then calls me to meet I do and she cries and all so I took her with me ride was horrible she was so unappreciative the sex thing was a major issue she’ll only do stuff a few days to make me happy then stop we got in argument because I thought and family thought she was using me she liked guy she blocked Lorenzo pic on Instagram the disrespected me so I got fed up and told her she has to leave she then get mad when I come home throws weight through my wall and broke my brothers computer so I say I’ll kill you she calls police starts Khaos then ends up going to jail saying she back track so after it all I still take care of her for a month go I. Debt and she in unappreciative she gets a job in la and tried to break up with me but stayed we talk everyday but she says it’s hard for her to feel emotion right away she trained herself to go numb and feel things later so once I got mad went no contact she sends me a love letter and when I call we connect again she says she finally realiZes her wrongs then apologizes then one day she says she wants to marry me then changes for two days then starts acting weird when I message her my feelings she ignores says she’s at work so I just blocked her thursday on everything broke it off and she acted like she didn’t care and haven’t talked to her since

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