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    Hi Dating Logic,

    Thank you for your videos. They have really helped me.

    There is a man at my work who I have a huge crush on. We have worked together for over a year. He shows all of the signs that he likes me. He treats me differently than everyone else, constantly says my name and leans in when speaking to me, initiates conversations, and smiles at me. I often catch him looking at me from across the room and when our eyes meet he does not look away. We have amazing chemistry. It feels like there is a magnetic pull drawing us together. His body language is very open and relaxed. He constantly teases me and tries to make me laugh. Our conversations feel effortless. It feels as though we could talk about anything. He and I connect on many different levels and I would love for him to ask me out. There is a problem though. He has a girlfriend. They started dating before him and I met. She is at my work also. She doesn’t speak very good English and doesn’t drive. He gives her a ride to and from work everyday. She is a nice person and I don’t want her feelings to get hurt however, it is blatantly obvious that him and I are a better match. He seems to realize this also. On two separate occasions I overheard him ask coworkers if they think I would be better for him and, staying loyal to his girlfriend, they said no. By looking at his body language, words, and actions it is abundantly clear that he is more interested in me than her. He isn’t listening to his heart. Should I directly speak to him about my feelings for him or should I stay silent? What should I do?

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