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    About 95% of the dating profiles I see on these online dating platforms advertise their ig. Their bio normally reads, “follow me @___, I’m not on here often,” or something to that extent.

    It’s beyond agitating and annoying at this point. These people aren’t on the dating app to date but to gain more followers.

    So far in my experience, the only ones to take these dating apps remotely serious are women with kids.



    Hi Ezra,

    Yes, many people use dating apps to advertise their Instagram account. It is nothing new, and unless dating apps start cracking down on dating profiles like this, it doesn’t seem like this is something that will end any time soon.

    Men do follow these women to their Instagram accounts, which only encourages them to keep advertising their Instagram accounts on dating apps.

    You will find more dating profiles like this on dating apps that are more about casual dating. If you want to avoid dating profiles like these as much as possible, you are better off trying dating apps that are geared towards people seeking serious relationships such as Bumble or eHarmony.

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