Did He Lose Interest? Or Is He More Interested?

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    Hello Luke,

    I had a group project with this outgoing guy in a univeristy course. In one day, when our group members met (including him), he kept staring at me with a smile. I knew at that moment he was interested in me. That day I was also dressing really well. Because I was shy, I could not look at him. I was happy that he looked at me that way and that he felt attracted to me because I also liked him. However, I could not give him a face. He threw a joke and was looking for my reaction. I pretended to be working on the project and I smiled but at the same time looking down working on something on the computer.

    When he did not see my reaction to him nor I was looking or maintaining eye contact with him, he got frustrated. How I knew he got frustrated? He asked his friend about something but his friend said that I did it. He did not even look at me.

    I am awkward with him. Last semster I saw him again in same class but he is was not giving me attention and he seems not interested.

    I even asked him a question about the course activity and he did not reply and went some other direction.

    Because I ignored him he thinks I am not interested in him. But last semester, I show little interest but he seemed to avoid me. It is like he lost all interest.



    Hi Sara,

    He may have lost interest.

    He has looked and smiled at you in the past without any reaction from you.

    Indeed, he may be frustrated with your body language. In not looking at him because you are shy, he may have gotten the impression that you don’t like him.

    Asking him a question about the course activity was not enough to convince him that you like him. After all, you could ask anyone that question.

    That was most likely the reason why he did not reply to your question and went off in some other direction.

    As of now, it appears that he has lost interest.



    Thank you for your helpful insight. I really appreciate your reply.

    Is there a way I can regain his interest? I see him regulary in class.

    Sara Smith



    Hi Sara,

    You may be able to regain his interest by starting conversations with him around topics that he really enjoys.

    This could help you to build rapport with him over time.

    Once that rapport is established, he will let his guard down.

    Once he reaches this point, there is a chance that he will open himself up to considering you as someone with romantic potential once again.



    Thank you for your decent reply. I really appreciate your time. All the best in your life.




    You are welcome Sara.

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