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    I met this gorgeous man on a dating site and we hit it off immediately. We went on 4 dates the first week and 2 the second week. Several long phone calls, lots of texts, flowers, candy, etc. He told me he hasn’t been this attracted to someone in decades. Has been dating but not in a relationship in years because he didnt want to settle. Made it very clear he wanted to be in an exclusive relationship with me. There were plans to go out of townthe end of the second week. He is a business owner and something serious happened and he was scrambling to get it taken care of but the trip was canceled. The problem is the last time I saw him was Tuesday. I heard nothing from him on Weds so Thursday I texted saying “i haven’t heard from you are we still on for today (our date) and or the weekend? He told me no on the date and he was trying to get things done to get ready for the trip. Then I got a somber text later that said everything was still up in the air and keep my fingers crossed. Then Friday I got the text that said the trip wasn’t going to work out he was still finalizing work through Sat and to please accept his apology. I sent kind and understanding texts back. Then yesterday I sent one saying I hope everything worked out and he was doing well. I have not heard anything from him. Is it really work or has he disappeared. We have not slept together or had sex but the Tuesday I saw him the last time things got a little hot and heavy with no clothes coming off lol. Did I do something wrong?

    Thank you,

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