Does he want a relationship or is he playing me ?

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    I have been dating a guy un officially for 3 months now. during the first month i was seeing him all the time he was calling me everything was great and i fell for him hard he was giving me hope that this was going to be different from all the pain i have experienced in the past. After the first month it all went down hill ive hardly seen him the phone calls stopped its as if his attention was elsewhere i confronted him about this and he said he was still the same and his attention had not gone any where and he was very much so all about me.

    its now been 3 months and only the first month i can say his actions matched his words ! he was calling me his woman and he was acting as though this was the direction things were going in.

    I said to him again it feels different and i said maybe we are better as friends and he appeared to be really upset by this and then i went back on what i said and continued dating. But nothing changed i still didnt see him or really speak to him.

    After me saying this he said to me he does want a relationship with me but not right now which left me very confused and hurt. what i heard was i don’t want a relationship with you and saying not right now was just an excuse to not hurt my feelings.



    I hate to say this but it sounds like he is playing you. The fact that you said after the first month everything went downhill and you stopped hearing from him and don’t talk as much indicates that he has lost interest in you. When he says that he doesn’t want a relationship right now, it could be true but the fact that he wasn’t calling or texting as much anymore pretty much makes it clear that he just lost interest and is trying to find someone else. What you need to do is try to not let it bother you to much and start focusing on yourself. Once you do this go out and look for other men, there are plenty of gentlemen out there who will not play you and will treat you with respect and love you.



    It sounds like he’s not ready to commit to you yet. If he couldn’t go through more than a month thats what could’ve happened. This is the thing with guys first they initiate then when you do the same they get scared. Maybe just give him some time as it sounds like he is interested in you but give him a time scale so that he is not stringing you along and this cannot be forced.

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