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    There is this girl that is new where I work and Instantly we hit it off really well. For the first two weeks, we were always talking, laughing, and teasing each other and a lot of my other coworkers could tell we were always flirting. I later found out that she has a boyfriend who is in college. I got her snapchat and she continued to flirt with me over that when I’m not at work. I tried to not let myself get too deep into this situation and get too attached because she has a boyfriend. Just recently she was crying and told me that her and her boyfriend were fighting and that she does not know what she wants to do. Is this all tied back to me or a coincidence or what? and should I do anything in this situation?



    I agree the girl that I like has an ex and I don’t want to get involved. But then again he lives in Texas NO IM NOT GOING TO GET INVOLVED! Sorry mental break down totally normal. 🙂

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