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    Girl at work and me have been exchanging glances/stares for over couple of months now. She hints all those signs that she’s interested in me, like, starting from far away but gets nervous when we’re closer, she’ll scan for my presence at my desk/office in general, etc., But we never spoke until last week when I initiated and spoke to her asking for help on a project. She spoke politely, looking deep into my eyes. We locked that eye contact throughout our 30+ seconds conversation. She told she’s busy with her own work and will get back to me as soon as she gets free.

    I followed up with her couple of times on Skype chatter, and she’d postpone it further. And finally texted her saying that I wanted to talk to her, and told her that it was not about the project. She replied back with the same busy thing and would text me back. It’s been more than a week and I never heard from her yet! She neither initiates a conversation nor puts any efforts in reaching out to me.

    Catching this sign I concluded that she’s not interested in me. And hence started ignoring her completely, for a week now. But whenever I sometimes look at her out of curiosity, she still stares/glances at me ample times from far off. This making me sick to my stomach. Just staring/glancing all the time and doesn’t respond/show interest when I try to get to her. What is she up to? Playing games on me? But she looks like a shy girl. What should I do bro? Persue? Move on? Try one last time talking to her over coffee?

    Please advise.


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