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    Ok so Ive been talkin to a girl at my gym and she seemd cheerful and friendly and imo she gave me choosing signals she was hovering around me, asking me to help her etc.
    So i procceed with talking with her and asking her on a date a week from now after or before a workout lets go for a coffee she said YES. We can do it in two weeks because next week she wont be at the gym (she was saying the truth btw)
    The only confusing thing was at the end she didnt gave me her phone number so i said how are we suppose to make plans and set everything up then. I didnt want her facebook because i dont use it often and deletet apps from my phone (maybe i should take it?) She said so we can meet next time we meet to which i agreed because i liked the idea.

    So 2 weeks passed and i see her at the gym. I said hi to her she said hi back and smiled. I didnt want to seem so thirsty to start convo about our date right from the start so i just went on with my training thinking she will be here longer and we will meet anyway in a while because we use similar equipment. But unfortunately she left the gym before i managed to talk to her more lol.

    What should I do next time i meet her at the gym. She probably rememeber our convo about a date, how should i proceed with it ?



    Hi Karl,

    The best way to proceed with this girl from the gym is to be more decisive.

    You should have asked for her number after she agreed to the coffee date.

    By the time you saw her two weeks later, she may have thought that perhaps you had forgotten about the date and thereby she didn’t say anything about it.

    You were worried about not coming off as thirsty if you were to start a conversation with her about the date and she was probably worried about the same thing.

    She may have wanted you to take the lead on this.

    After all, you were the one who asked her out.

    Again, you need to be more decisive with her.

    Next time that you meet her at the gym, ask her if she would like to meet up with you after her workout for juice or a beverage.

    Your gym may actually have either a juice or beverage bar within it or one that is close by.

    This move makes you come off as a lot more decisive and self-assured.

    Unfortunately, your indecisive behavior so far, may have closed your window of opportunity with her.

    However, that is not absolutely certain.

    This means that time is of the essence.

    Hence, the next time that you meet her at the gym, you need to make a decisive move in making that date happen.



    I agree 100% i felt right then i probably messed it up. Well I will find out next sunday this time i won’t hesitate. Ill let you know what happened 🙂

    Anyway thank you so much for such a quick and detailed response you are the best. How can I show my support do you have paypal ?



    Hi Karl,

    Next Sunday is crunch time.

    Let me know what happens for sure.

    All the best and thanks for your offer of support.

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