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    So I have a few questions about friendship turning into love. My guy friend and I have been friends for over 4 years. When we first met, I developed a crush on him but then I met someone else and got over him. During that time, when I went through a break up, he was there at all times with me and then I got a feeling he liked me but nothing happened. We used to hang out in a group. Over the years we started growing closer and eventually started hanging out occasionally without the group.We grew closer telling each other about everything: past relationships, life goals etc. He has always been very supportive of my dreams and protective of me. Eventually we moved to different cities but nothing changed much as we still occasionally kept in touch via social media. We planned on meeting up as I went to visit him. On one day we had a heart to heart conversation. He asked me about guys I had dated, why it ended, if I saw myself getting married and wanted a lot of details. We spoke about what we wanted from life and what we wanted out of relationships. Then he also opened up a lot about people he had dated. And the conversation became really intimate. We had never told each other this much. He opened up a lot more to me than he had ever before and I had a feeling that he probably wanted more. He went as far as to tell me about a girl trying to hit on him.There were moments when I felt he wanted to say something but didn’t. I caught him staring at me with a strange expression once or twice. After I left, we stayed in touch for one day and then he started ignoring my messages. They weren’t any odd messages just normal ones we are used to send. He has ignored my messages before unintentionally but this just seemed super odd especially after we had grown closer recently.He is busy at the moment but not so busy to not reply for a whole week. Am I crazy in believing that there is more than friendship between us or is he really ignoring me? Would you say he likes me as more than a friend?

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