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    Long story short…I was talking to a guy off and on for a period of time. The chemistry was always there. We were just always in different places in life, preventing us from ever making it official. Well, he had texted me randomly asking if we could start back talking to each other as “friends” because he missed me. Knowing us, it would have been more than friends and I wasn’t in a good place to start a relationship again. We had a bad argument but after a couple of more mature conversations, we had agreed it was best to leaves things alone. He even told me that I deserve someone good.

    So I thought we were on the same page. He moved on and has a girlfriend…but he hates me lol. Everytime he see or hear my name he gets upset. And when I see him I don’t interact with him at all. His siblings are still really cool with me and he gets upset that I have a relationship with them, but I was good friends with them before we started talking.

    So my question is why would does his still get upset, even with a girlfriend? Does this mean he hasn’t truly moved on? (And yes…I still have feelings for him, it was just bad timing)

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    Hi Jhane,

    He still gets upset even though he has a girlfriend now because there’s a good chance that she was his second choice.

    He most likely wanted to date you first and foremost and being that you turned him down, he had to make do with a secondary replacement.

    He took that personally.

    Whenever he sees you or hears about you, it just reminds him of the fact that he’s dating someone that was his second choice and that you turned him down.

    That upsets him.

    He doesn’t want to be reminded of that.

    Yes, this most likely means that he hasn’t truly moved on.

    There are still unresolved feelings for you that he tries to forget about but whenever he hears about you or sees you, those feelings come right back up.

    He then realizes that he still hasn’t gotten over you and that you still have this kind of effect on him and that annoys him even more.

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    Understandable. It’s just strange because he says one thing but his actions are completely different. If he still has feelings why he just won’t say that? He has gone to the extreme of blocking and unfollowing me on social media…does that mean he has moved on?

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    I’m just confused lol. It’s just the things that he does that don’t make sense…I don’t bother him at all. But I get a negative reaction from him every time. Along with him getting mad at seeing me, he throws the fact that he is happy, has a girlfriend, and that she is the girl he is going to marry. From a guy’s point of view, do you think he would ever admit that he still has feelings?

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