He acted so interesting and now has ghosted/blocked me with no explanation

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    Kayleigh K

    I met him off of a dating site. When we met things were great he kept telling me how he’s so glad he met me. We got along instantly. After that night he was texting me normally and told me he had such a fun time and asked to see me again before he was going back to college in 4 days he was here for thanksgiving break but told me even in college he wants to get to know me still and FaceTime me etc. but the 2 days that he planned to see me before he left he bailed. The first day he told me things came up and that we can hangout tomorrow (the second day) and on the day I realized I was blocked on Snapchat and my number was so I messaged him on Instagram and asked hey are we still hanging out? And he looked at it and blocked me.. I don’t get why he’d do that when he was telling me I’m so glad I met you and can’t wait to get to know you more I just connect with you so well.

    Thankyou, I hope you can evaluate this



    I HATE IT WHEN GUYS DO THIS!!! It’s happened to the best of us. I’m sure that he honestly enjoyed spending time with you and enjoyed meeting you. Blocking you seems a little extreme. It seems like he has some other “activities” going on??? I’m sure that by having a great time with him it made u hopeful about your future together. However, I am sure that you don’t want anyone that doesn’t want you. Don’t take it personal! Don’t try to think of everything that you could’ve, should’ve or would’ve done. You’ll start obsessing over it and it will drive you CRAZY!!! Be thankful for the good time that you all had. And be thankful that he blocked you bc apparently he’s not right for you. Now you know on the front end to not waste your time. It’s better to find out he’s an asshole within the first week then to find out after you’re invested.

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