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    So,I was talking to this guy who is 6 years older than me on instagram. We go to the same dentistry school but he is a senior about to gradute and I am still halfway thru. I decided that I was attracted to him so I made the “first move” and answered one of his stories on instagram. We’ve been talking since then and he is the one that pretty much texts me first. I realized then that he added me to his close friends list on IG and so I did the same. Two days ago I posted a close friends story about close friends on IG. The post said that you only add people to your close friends list if : they are really close friends with you, if you had a relantionship with them or if you want to have a relantionship with them.
    So he answered that story asking according to which of those 3 I added him. I asked him the same, since he added me first and he tryed to throw the question at me again and at the end I finally answered that I wanted to relate to him at some degree. He answered with a laugh and heart emojis which made me think why the hell he asked me that question if he is not interested. Then late at night in the same day he answered another story of mine but I fell asleep and forgot to answer. When waking up the following day he had deleted the message and so I asked him what it was and that I was sleeping. He simply liked the message and remais quiet till now.
    I’d like to know what the hell is going on with him, I think that maybe he is insecure in some way, he is not sure if he really wants us to kiss or whatever or if he is simply playin games with me to make me chase him.

    I’d like to know what it is that is going on, what the hell he wants and if I should do or say something or just wait and see. Anyhow I loved talking to him and would like to keep a friendship if he is not interested at all.



    Hi Christina,

    He is playing hard to get. I suggest that you tell him how you feel because I guess that he is waiting for you to say that and I think that he already knows how you think.

    Good luck.

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