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    He Speaks to Me Like a Stranger
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    I like this guy. We started out as a fling but he suddenly revealed he had feelings for me. So after work I would come over, we’d spend time together (have sex) and in the morning id head back to myside of NY to get ready for work. It was exhausting getting up so I told him maybe I’d have to see him less or he’d have to call me an Uber. He said no which isn’t what bothered me. We’d just have to see eachother less because its exhausting. So when I asked he got pissed and said “you’re not a call girl!” I was offended. I know what he was trying to say but there were 1,000,000 other ways to say that. It was demeaning and made me feel like I was wrong (which I wasn’t because guys have called a car for me). So we argue about it because I want him to understand why im mad. He says he didn’t mean it like that. And he just wasn’t getting it. Then I said well maybe this isnt working because he was on thin ice anyway for being rude to me. He then calls and goes off. He yells, screams, tells me im being unreasonable and he’s not my sugar daddy. I said thats not the point. Have I ever asked you for anything? How came you have to be so rude and name calling. He says im argumentative but im only hot and cold because he’s created an unstable environment for us so I always have one foot out the door. I tried to ask if I could come over to talk, he ignored my text. What should i do.?

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