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    Alessia Delrio

    I’ve got a crush on a guy who attends my university. During March, I started noticing him staring, but never approaching me; my friend, who once sat near him, told me he was always looking at me that day (I was near her). A couple of weeks ago I decided to tell him that I’m interested, so I contacted him on Instagram and asked him when I could’ve found him at the uni. Then the day we talked came. We first talked about random stuff and, at some point, he told me that we could’ve hanged out sometimes, to get a coffee or study together. Then I told him that lately I had started having interest in him and that I wanted to know how he felt. As I started saying “and I wanted to know..” he answered “mayyybe I don’t have that kind of interested, but I do in getting new friends”.
    We were about to split and he told me “I’ll see you on Monday, or on Sunday if you want”; I said “yes, message me.” He never texted me, so I didn’t either. I saw him again the next week and he didn’t mention the date, he only said hi and sat. Now he doesn’t look at me anymore and neither do I when he’s really near me, because I don’t want to look desperate and needy of him giving me attention.
    I’m planning on texting him on May 25th to ask him if he’s going to do the anthropology exam on May 27th.
    I need help to understand what’s going on. I think that a person doesn’t ask you out twice if doesn’t have a minimum of interest, but I can’t understand why he didn’t confirm the date and why gave me that answer if he was always looking at me.
    Thank you for your help.

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