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    Hi! So Im talking to this guy I like. We meet 3months ago on a vacation. So we have been talking like almost everyday and we want to see eachother soon again everything has been has been good expet last week I told him how I feelt about something that disturbs me and I have mentioned it a few times and he thinks that Im complaining and I feel like he dosent understands me cause he still not getting it. Anyways so he hanged up on my ear from nowhere and trust me I was calm when I spoke to him but when he hung up I got really mad and told him I never wanted to speak to him again and blocked him everywhere. After a week I reliazed that I did a wrong desscion and send him a video and explained that I didnt mean things I said to him and told him I was angry and couldnt deal with my emotions but I feel sometimes that he isnt intressted in me cause he dosent care about how I feel and things I say that disturbs me he dosent do anything about it and if we stop talking to eachother I want to do it in a right way not both of us angry cause its feels like he dosent want to speak to me again and I said that I miss him and its feels a little bit empty not talking to him and that Im sorry for the mean things I said. And everything is up to him and if he wants he can respond me if not Im ok with that… I know that I should just leave it like that but I keep thinking about him I cant stop. Is there a chance that he will respond me cause he has seen my msg today when I texted…

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    Hi HM,

    Yes, there is a chance that he will respond to you.

    The good news is that he saw your text, which means that he hasn’t blocked you.

    This indicates that even after hanging up on you, he hasn’t been willing to completely sever his ties with you.

    As long as you don’t try to contact him from here on out and thereby give him an opportunity to start missing you, there is a chance that he will consequently respond to your text.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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