How do I get over someone I met on a dating site that I am stuck on?

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    You know how you’ve been out on a few dates with someone, and they dump you, yet for some reason you find yourself constantly in grief?

    How do I move past something like this?

    People tell me to go out on dates with new people, but even when I heed this advice, the dates always end up being lackluster, which only reminds even more of what I no longer have. Nothing seems to compare with this person, no matter how many dates I go on with other people.

    My mind is constantly consumed with the “what if” potential and won’t let go of it.



    Hi Owen,

    The “what if” potential of someone that you experienced unforgettable dates with easily boggles the mind. It blocks your mind from even considering the possibility that anyone else is comparable.

    This mental block is partly the reason why all of the dates that you have been on with new people that you probably met on the same dating site that you met this one person on, have been lackluster. They never stood a chance because all you could think about were the unforgettable dates you had with this one person.

    You move past this person by unblocking your mind. You have to come to terms with the reality that the person dumped you for a reason.

    No matter how connected you felt with the person, the feeling wasn’t mutual. No number of “what if” scenarios change that reality.

    Your experience on those unforgettable dates weren’t shared by this person. Coming to this realization unblocks your mind, leaving it open to the possibilities of what a new dating experience with someone new could be like.

    The person that you are so fixated on hasn’t had a single “what if” scenario in their mind about you since they dumped you. This means that all the mental energy that you have been spending on this person by creating these “what if” scenarios have all been a waste of your precious time.

    Wake up.

    They have moved on. You should do the same.

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