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    William Jefferson Canlas

    Hi dating logic I really really like watching your video but I wanted to share my problem and give some advice for me. I have a biggest crush in high school she walked nervously at the hallway when we see each other, and I want to approach her to see if she likes me or not but I’m scared, beacsue I don’t know how to start a conversation because I don’t speak English and she speak english, and I don’t want to make it look weird when I start to talk Please help me thanks๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚



    Hi William,

    To start conversation with your crush, you could ask her about something that relates to school.

    If you don’t speak English well, just keep it simple.

    You could let her know beforehand that you don’t speak English all that well and then proceed to ask her a simple question about school.

    It could be about a class, an upcoming school event or even an extracurricular school activity.

    Using a topic that relates to the high school will help to make you less nervous when you approach her because you would be using a topic that relates to the both of you.



    I see this guy every Friday working at supermarket doing the trolley collecting. I first noticed how cute he was few months ago then it turned into a crush. I noticed one time when he pushed all the trollies into the trolley bay he leant against the wall looked at his phone for 2 seconds and looked up and busted me staring at him from inside the Supermarket..he then looked back down at his phone and went past me chest up confident walk and pushed his hair from his eyes. we had another eye contact moment another time but I won’t bore you with that..last two times I saw him he didn’t look at me at do I get him to make a move? Or should I not go to that place for a while and see how he reacts? Or he isn’t interested and move on? I’m so confused I really like this guy. Any advice would be highly appreciated! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚



    Hi Shen,

    To improve the chances that he could make a definitive move on you, you could start things off by opening conversation with him.

    Being that he works at the Supermarket, you could start a conversation with him next Friday by using the Supermarket as an opening topic.

    Using your environment or location is often an easy way to open up conversation with someone that you don’t know.

    Ask him a question in relation to the Supermarket.

    Observe his body language as the both of you converse.

    He may give away the fact that he either likes you or doesn’t while he is talking to you.

    If he likes you, look for a lot of sustained eye contact and smiling.

    Observe whether he tries to check you out sneakily by quickly looking you up and down from time to time.

    Observe whether he gets really fidgety with stuff by either playing with his hair or clothing a lot, or even fidgeting around with the trolleys.

    It’s best to go to the Supermarket next Friday and do this.

    If you choose not to go there for a while, you run the risk of never trying to do something.

    You will just come back after a while, hoping that he somehow magically notices or remembers you and makes a move.

    However, that is unlikely to happen.

    His possible recollection that you have stared at him in the past may fizzle out over this period of time and any window of opportunity you may or may not have had with him may pass you by.

    At this time, he may or may not be interested.

    By making this move next Friday to open a conversation with him at the Supermarket, you will be able to get a better idea on whether he is interested in you or not by observing his body language.

    It is best to try doing this first before moving on.

    This way, you don’t leave anything to chance.

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