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    I am having a crush on a girl at school. She usually laughs at almost everything I say and she sometimes would hang with me instead of hanging with her friends at school. Last week, we were sitting together at class and then she decided to leave without telling me anything. I then realized that she went to hang out with her friends because she thought that the class is boring.

    How do I act towards this type of girl, and do you think that she is interested in me?

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    Hi Dani,

    So far, her behavior towards you isn’t definitively indicating interest in you or a lack thereof.

    If she tends to laugh at almost everything that you say and will sometimes hang with you, she may be indicating that she is open to the possibilities.

    It is best to act like you are interested in getting to know her. Constantly ask her questions about herself and show interests in her interests.

    If you do this over time, there is a good chance that you will eventually be able to tell whether she is interested in you or not based on changes in her body language and what you may be hearing from mutual classmates.

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    The problem is that when we are sitting together, she sometimes talk to me and sometimes not. She also teases me and mocks me like almost everytime we talk. What do you think of that?

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    She may want you to be more assertive whenever she is sitting next to you in terms of starting and maintaining a compelling conversation.

    If you rarely instigate conversation, you essentially make her feel that she has to be the aggressor when it comes to interaction.

    This may be why she picks and chooses the occasions that she will talk to you.

    Your passive behavior may also be why she feels emboldened to tease and mock you almost every time that the both of you talk.

    If you don’t take charge of the moments that you are sitting next to her, she will feel empowered to do so in whatever manner she chooses.

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    She once said to one of my friends (while playing truth and and dare) that she is not ready to have a relationship right now because she is studying. If she is interested in me, could she change her mind and decide to have a relationship? Or should I just give up on her?

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    Yes, if she is interested in you, she could change her mind and decide to have a relationship.

    Since you like her, it may be best to take some action before thinking about giving up.

    Start instigating get-to-know-you conversations with her.

    Try doing this first and see how she responds.

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    Do you suggest a time to ask her out? Is it so early yet?

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    If you feel comfortable asking her out now, you can do that.

    It isn’t necessarily too early as you are both already fairly acquainted.

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