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    Last semester I noticed a guy in one of my classes (in college). He was sitting right across from me, we made prolonged eye contact and since then I noticed he was in a lot of my classes. We’ve made more eye contact since. Almost everytime we’d be in a class together we would look at each other. There were a few very intense moments where this eye contact would last for like 8 seconds and it seemed as though time had stopped, as though everything around us disappeared. But he never approached me and the months went by without anything happenning. This semester I’ve only got one class with him and I thought too much time had passed and he wouldn’t be interested anymore so I tried to move on with my life. Except last week, when class finished, me and my (girl)friends were chatting and were almost the last ones inside the classroom and when this guy left he stood by the door a couple of seconds, looked behind me (there was noone left) and then looked at me straight in the eye and finally left.
    It’s such a frustrating situation. I feel like there’s a strong attraction between the two of us but it can’t go on like this. Also, eventhough me made a lot of eye contact, he would sometimes purposefully ignore me which was confusing. I’m shy with boys and reluctant to admit feelings or attraction because I’ve been extremely hurt in the past so it’s hard for me to approach him. I want him to come and make the first move. How should I proceed ? And what’s up with the ignoring part ? Would a guy keep making eye contact if he wasn’t really interested ?

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