How to turn anger and bad realations ship into new fresh and good one?

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    So my gf was anoyed with almost every single thing i said to her, she felt judged and whatever i said she was like “oh he is so right about everything but he says something thats not the same way i think it its so it makes me rly mad and sad”…which kinda anoyyed me2, she had that period where she felt judged by the most of the ppl (i talk with few friends which talk to her and me2 and are good and some of them had some kkinda fight with her about how she feels judged always by someone and then gets angry and mad), so we broke up 2 weeks ago and we are textint a lot of less, i eaven kinda kept distance from her on purpose when she said hi and asked how am i, but i cant do it rly that long and its just all my plan to give her time so i can maybe try to get her, eaven i dont feel rly much into her but i kinda wont let her down cuz the thing she had, that feel of judged and anger was bcs she had rly hard time..friend of her died recently and she have some family issues rn, eaven tho her parents are divorced long ago and she lives with her mom, her father wont let her bro live with him and he got new wife and bby, so her mam is mad when she is going to visit her lil bro cuz she is afraid of losing her2 and they are having rly hard i cant judge her rly and cant give up on her, she says she rly do loves me still but that i have times where i cross her line and get her rly mad..and she rly left by now, but i time passsed and i think its time to go for anoter one shot, and if it fails, let it be and forget her..eaven tho she is the girl i know 5+ years and we are both crushes to each other till our 5th grade and long time after that..we had such a great time but now we lost it all in 2 months..and i dont wanna give up on her, i get i can find happines with another girl easy and move on like i did many times..but i feel for her, i feel connected to her and i want her safe and happy..i would feel guilt if i just give up on this like its nothing eaven tho it is myb rn, should i continue texting her, eaven tho i think she might felt for some other guy..should i love her bcs that is what i feel and let her be with whoever she wants but keep her in my life for myb something great later or should i give up on her and move on? She rly does mean a lot but its painfull from time to time..



    I’m sorry to hear that. It sounds like she may have some deep rooted insecurities and doesn’t feel confident in who she is. Maybe that is why she is feeling judged all of the time. I’m also wondering about the time of month that she confronts/explodes??? It could be some hormonal imbalances from PMS. However, NEVER dismiss what she is saying or going through simply bc of her PMS. Unfortunately, until she has healed or worked on healing those wounded broken places within herself, she will continue to CARE about ppl judging her. We all have our “stuff”. Try to talk with her and validate her feelings. However, you can’t be responsible for how she feels. If she’s worth it, give her those moments to be weak and work with her. If it becomes too laborious for you, you may want to consider the option that gives you peace.

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