I am getting the same handful of women swiping on me on dating apps?

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    I have only recently started online dating, but on the three dating apps that I am a member of, a handful of the same women have swiped on me several times on each one. I even matched with one and went on a date with her. After the date, I didn’t hear back from her. Not long after, I received a notification from the dating app, Hinge, informing me that she had liked my profile. Has anyone else experienced something as odd as this?



    Hi Liam,

    This is not a new phenomenon. There are women who are addicted to online dating. They always believe that the next guy that they go out with is going to be their perfect match. They are always looking for the next best thing, even if they are going out on dates with very good matches.

    Women like this join multiple dating apps. They swipe on so many men that they lose track of who they are swiping on and who they are meeting up on dates with. These handful of women aren’t only swiping on your dating profile several times, they are swiping on the dating profiles of lots of other men. They are serial daters.

    They like going on dates. They don’t commit to getting to know the guy better after the date. That is why you didn’t hear back from the woman that you went on a date with. Women like this who are addicted to online dating and serial dating are merely seeking the high of meeting men on dates.

    They have no real interest in pursuing anything serious beyond that. They excuse this behavior by making themselves believe that all they are doing is looking for their best match. Unfortunately, it’s so much more complex than that.

    They have taken this type of behavior so far that they don’t even realize that the prospect of meeting their best match is no longer a real desire anymore. They are now addicted to the high that comes with swiping on guys that they see on dating sites and going out on dates with them. The high has become what they are now chasing, not a serious relationship.

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