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    There is this guy I like at my school and we know each other know each other somewhat well. We know each other from an outside of school activity. He is a year younger(a grade lower) than me so we don’t see each other very much, only sometimes during passing periods.

    I am very confused by my guy friend because when I pass him I usually or try to as much as I can say hi or wave hi to him and he will usually be happy to see me, he will usually say hi back with a smile and ask me how my ‘how’s it going’ and we will possibly exchange a few more words before going to class.

    When we talks he make pretty direct eye contact with me and maintains it, even when I talking to him up close, he will like be staring at me with like wide eyes.(you made a video about if a guy looks at you like this than it could mean that he could have interest in you).

    But when I pass him in the hall way, I sometimes get shy because I like him! I get nervous! So when I pass him, I will walk by and not saying hi or waving to him and he will look at me from afar(or I think he looking toward my direction before passing each other…) and he will not say anything, not even hi while passing me. He will either talk to his friends looking away from me or look straight ahead and act like i’m not even there, even when i’m looking at him!

    I am very confused and I don’t know what to do and I really want to get to know him more. plz help!

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