I asked my friend to be my gf and she said she wants to hang out 1v1 more

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    Malik Johnson

    I recently confessed my feelings to my friend. I do feel like I didn’t go about it the right way though because I asked her over text. I’ve been talking with her for about a year now, her and I are very close. I eventually developed feelings for her and I got the feeling she did too. We haven’t hung out alone much, a lot of times it was a group date. When I asked her does she want to take the relationship to the next level she said “she never thought of it like this because we have only hung out with a group. If there was something there she thinks we would have to hang out one on one to explore more” so I asked if her she’s willing to “explore more” and she said “yeah”. Is she just doing this to not make me feel bad or does she genuinely like me and wants to be in a relationship?



    Hi Malik,

    She most likely doesn’t want to make you feel bad.

    If she genuinely liked you and wanted to be in a relationship with you, she would have expressed the same sentiment and would have been truly excited about venturing into a possible romantic relationship with you.

    After a close year-long friendship with you, she should be very clear about how she feels about you in terms of friendship or romance.

    She may have told you that she is willing to explore more because she didn’t want to put herself in a position where she could possibly lose that friendship if she were to tell you that there was absolutely no romantic interest on her part.

    This being said, the prospect of romance may not be entirely unachievable.

    Your best determiner of whether she genuinely likes you and wants to be in a relationship will depend on how she starts behaving towards you from here on out.

    If she makes it easy for the both of you to get to know each other and hang out on a one on one basis and is receptive during those interactions to what are you doing and saying, then there’s a good chance that she truly does want to explore this and see where it leads.

    However, if she continues acting the way she has always acted as your platonic friend and doesn’t put that much effort to get to know you and hang out on a one on one basis, then she most likely doesn’t genuinely like you on a romantic level.


    Malik Johnson

    Thank for this. I did have that same feeling. She did agree to hang out this coming Thursday. We will be walking in a park. Do you believe this is my opportunity to things to the next level? If so, how do I? When it comes to women I lack experience and confidence. I am shy and genuinely don’t know how to express my feelings. Advice would be great!

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