I blocked him did i make the right desicion ?

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    I’ve been dating a guy for 6 months. Ive had an abortion which he never helped paid for,and wast there physically. I have yet to meet anyone close to him or even a friend nor his son. I had to ask to see a photo and his son’s name. He never really asked about my son. But from time asks how he is doing. We have never been on a date because he says he can’t afford to and at the time worked two jobs to survive. I had recently asked him where does he sees me future wise, he stated how much of a wonderful woman I was BUT I cant say what the future holds and we will have to see. Then asked why woman always ask that question. He doesn’t want to be forced it something he isnt ready for he has done so in the past and got shitty end of the stick and didn’t feel like himself.

    To add to all of this this we I asked when I was going to see him since we both have been busy. He told me Wednesday at 3 after work i said great. He then asked if my son and mom would be home. When he messaged me that (WhatsApp is his only form of communication he says he isnt a calling person) I immediately knew what was to follow. I said yes… he said well I’ll call you when I reach home.

    I was upset at that fact he switched since someone would be home. And asked if that a problem? He said to not put words in his mouth.

    I told you said it all and it speaks volumes.
    Why change your mind all of a sudden. He sent SMH and never texted me back . We haven’t really spoken from Tuesday evening. This morning he message good morning have a nice day .

    I just feel the relationship is just sex to him and good company and convo. I dont think he what’s more based on past discussions. He says I make him happy. But I just feel stuck.
    So I blocked him!

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    Hi Lex,

    Yes, you made the right decision in blocking him.

    If a future is what you want as far as a committed relationship is concerned, this is a guy that’s not interested in giving you that.

    You haven’t met anyone close to him and you even had to ask to see a photo of his son.

    Those are usually signs of a guy who is not interested in letting you get closer to him and into his world.

    By suddenly choosing not to see you because he knew that your mom and son would be home, he was indicating that, all he was looking to do was hang out with you and you alone.

    Normally, this would indicate that he was just looking to have sex with you and enjoy your company.

    Again, he has shown repeatedly through his actions that he’s not looking to have anything serious with you as far as a long-term relationship is concerned.

    Being that a committed relationship is what you want, blocking him was probably your best option at this point.

    You’ve already asked him about the kind of future he sees with you and he made it clear that, he doesn’t know what the future holds.

    That means he doesn’t really see you in his future.

    If you were to wait around on him, you may end up wasting a lot of time and precious effort.

    Even though you may feel stuck right now, it is best to think about what is best for you and your son.

    So far, this particular guy that you’ve been seeing for the last six months has not shown to be the right person for the kind of relationship that would give both you and your son stability.

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