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    First of all I would like to thank you for all your words so clear direct and so true according to my situation.
    Will be very happy to see you in the recent videos as of previous years as well instead of your voice if you don’t mind.

    My question is this and I would like the reply personally if possible.
    He is far away from me, I asked him if we can talk but he doesn’t want to face me or call me and when I do reach out to him he replies in short form of replies good morning and have a blessed day.
    I miss him and love him so much but I don’t know why he is avoiding me when asked the reason and shared about how I feel about our way of dealing with each other he scolded me as being judgemental, critical and negative minded person. I feel hurt about it but he doesn’t care even nor is he sorry,I don’t know what to do next. It’s true I love him and he is my first love yet I am in another country but I don’t know any other man and I find it difficult to love or admire another man though he thinks am seeing someone else and it’s not true I have been keeping myself for him till I return back after my studies and here it is like am failing and my hope is gone because I realized he is selfish and doesn’t value me as a person leave aside the person that loved him.

    Honestly am in need of your help and I will be waiting for you.

    Be blessed wherever you are.
    Thank’s a million.


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