I love her ,but she rejected me , and I still love her .

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    I was in love with her from the first day I saw her,six years ago,when we were in class 7.
    She really showed intrest on me but I was like”what if she says no, it will be awkward” and so I never approched her. She was like a blessing to me. After meeting her I improved my results to a really high level,because once I got less marks in maths and she was upset with me,there I thought to improve it. Just because I never wanted her to feel that her lover is a loser.
    I did’nt approched her because of these reasons….
    1. I thought it would affect her studies.
    2. I was really pissed off,thinking if she rejected me,then we will not talk that frankly anymore.
    On school days she alyways used to have a spacial treatment for me. That was the reason I thought she loves me back,but after passing class 10 we went to different college and haven’t seen her for 2 years, but I still love her and never thought of someone else.
    And now after class 12 I proposed her few days back telling her that I loved her for so long and couldn’t tell her,and asked her to say it directly if its yes or no.
    I mistakenly made it rude with asking the direct result, I never wanted it to be rude but I thought it was too long to wait more,this one of my close friend inspired me to ask it directly.In my heart I can wait for her my whole life,and I mean it,yes I can. And so she rejected me saying “I will never stop talking to me,never think that,you are a nice person,but I am sorry,no.”
    So I request you to show me the right path so that I can get her back. Or let me know if she really doesn’t loves me.
    Thank you.

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