I wish Tinder would ban OnlyFans girls and escorts who use the dating app to promote their adult services

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    It’s becoming too much. I live in South Florida and there are so many women who promote their OnlyFans accounts on Tinder, and then some who do it on their Snapchat or Instagram.

    Then, there are the escorts and prostitutes who try to promote their services on Tinder.

    Tinder needs to take this more seriously and do something about these accounts. This experience keeps getting worse.



    Hi Noah,

    Yes, girls promoting their OnlyFans accounts on Tinder has become more and more prevalent as OnlyFans has become more popular. Escorts and prostitutes on dating apps have always been a thing. There is nothing new there.

    Dating apps is fertile ground for women who are offering adult services and a location like South Florida, that has a very active adult entertainment industry, is a mecca for them. There are a lot of lonely men who respond to these women. These women are often attractive. Tinder, like many other dating apps, wants to have dating profiles of attractive women on their app. This increases the popularity of their app.

    Flagging the dating profiles of women who are leaving links to their OnlyFans accounts can help to lessen this problem somewhat. But even when Tinder acts by banning these dating profiles, the girl just opens a new one under a different name.

    Until Tinder uses an internal monitoring system that blacklists certain sites such as OnlyFans, along with certain escort sites that are repeat offenders, enabling it to instantly identify dating profiles that are leaving these links and automatically banning them, which it doesn’t appear that Tinder is willing to do anytime soon, this problem will persist.

    If this experience has reached a point where you are just not getting what you want out of Tinder, consider trying out some other dating apps that take this sort of thing more seriously. Tinder isn’t the only game in town.

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