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    I am ignoring the girl I like hoping that she would think of me as partner more than a friend. I read in the internet that if I show a girl that I am not interested in her, she would actually begin to chase me.

    But the problem is that she began to ignore me now aswell. What should I do in that situation?

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    Hi Jason,

    This girl that you like is most likely ignoring you because you have been ignoring her.

    Choosing to ignore her in the hopes that she will chase you only works when you have put in the right kind of work beforehand to make her intrigued by you.

    You skipped that part.

    In your current situation, it may be best to simply come right out and either tell her how you feel about her or ask her out.

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    Hi Luke

    But how do I intrigue her in a way I do not seem needy?

    And does eye contact by mistake break that no contact rule? I mean that we had an eye contact by mistake because she was passing by and I didn’t mean to hold that eye contact, but I then directly looked away. Everyone usually holds eye contact with the person passing by sometime.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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